Enhancing at-home therapy in muscle redevelopment.

Research in collaboration with Emily Eich + Megan Manzano​​​​​​​
Enhancing at-home therapy in muscle redevelopment.

Reforma is designed to monitor muscle growth alongside physical activity through the use of stitched bend sensors and an accelerometer. This product also incorporates heat, ice and massage therapy with attachable thermal packs, creating a line that could be prescribed to patients by their physical therapists to aid their recovery, post injury. 
The Reforma App
The Reforma app helps users see their progress and highlights the successful periods of their recovery so that they can learn which approach works best for them individually. It also gives recommendations for therapy that can be applied to the affected area and tracks these sessions of heat or ice therapy to match with muscle growth measurements. Additionally, this app can be used to organize appointments, doctor visits and put patients in contact with their physical therapists. 

The Reforma system is aimed to give patients information and control over their injury through the app and thermal packs that allow them to be more in tune with their body and state of recovery. This helps these active individuals feel empowered in being able to make a successful recovery. 
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Design Process
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Shoulder + Upper Arm Injuries
Shoulders are one of the most commonly injured joints in the body.
Unique + complex anatomy means they have the greatest range of motion but the least stability.
50% of people with rotator cuff tears can achieve pain relief through non-surgical treatments.​​​​​​​

Market Analysis
Exploring and mapping an orthopedic trauma diagnosis and treatment timeline through a user who experienced an ACL Tear from playing soccer:
User Persona
What if there was a product which integrated treatment, at-home therapy and monitoring into shoulder injury recovery?
How could this empower an individual so that they can have a successful recovery?
Behind the scenes
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