Encouraging furniture customization to create an instant sense of nostalgia.

GRAY Magazine Awards Editor's Pick 2019
Published in Issue No. 49 of GRAY magazine

Official Selection in London International Creative Competition 2020 in Use/Product Category
Encouraging furniture customization to create an instant sense of nostalgia.

For many, furniture is sentimental. It is connected to memory and bridges generations. However, in a market designed for “fast furniture” purchases, furniture has lost its character and longevity, producing more waste and failing to connect emotionally. Based on primary research, consumers desire multi-use pieces which fit a variety of settings and trends, yet are still drawn to the connections they have with furniture that has been in their lives for many years. Loom creates an instant sense of nostalgia, helping find a balance between this practicality and sentimentality.
The simple, multi-purpose, wooden frame of Loom is designed to allow individuals to weave their own seat with a variety of pre-looped materials and wooden dowels. This encourages customization and allows for change over time, creating an opportunity to feel involved in the process of creating furniture. Connecting through making encourages individuals to prolong the lifespan of their pieces, resulting in furniture which gains character with age.
Design Process
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Fast Furniture
The current furniture market is often geared towards consumers who desire practical, multi-functional or trend-based pieces. The expanding industry for flat-pack furniture has led to the rise of more affordable pieces that are often treated as more disposable. These products are not built to last, to age with character or to move on to the next generation.

Insights from observations, surveying and interviews:
“Making furniture your own means it’ll become a priceless piece, to be treasured.”

“My antique desk is my favorite piece of furniture and will always follow me”

“My family tends to keep furniture until it breaks, we don’t really follow trends but of course we want it to look good."​​​​​​​
Ideation + Concept Development
How could contemporary furniture be designed to ensure it will be passed down to further generations but also provide characteristics of fast furniture which are attractive to users?
Behind the scenes:
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