A biophilic locker system for office spaces.

In collaboration with Andie Niebling
A biophilic locker system for office spaces.​​​​​​​
Lagra is a locker system which provides a natural pattern in office spaces. The patterns and moss panels connect office workers back to the natural world.
Each locker provides individuals with a personal space where they can store their belongings, whether they don’t have a desk or work in a co-working space.
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Design Process
Continue to learn about the process and development behind this design.
Biophilic Design
Humans have an innate connection to the natural world. We tend to have a visual preference for organic and biomorphic forms and benefit physically and psychologically from being in close proximity to aspects of the natural world.
Exploring current biophilic design in the workplace:
Initial Visual Inspirations:
Insights from Surveys, Observations and Ethnographic Interviews:
52% have difficulty finding proper storage space for their personal belongings in the office.

Studies show that visual connections with nature:
- Lower blood pressure and heart rate
- Improve mental engagement + attentiveness
- Positively impact attitude + overall happiness
“Because offices are moving towards collaborative ‘we’ spaces, it is important to still consider ‘me’ spaces.”
Ideation + Concept Development
How might we bring a touch of warmth and nature into the office in a useful way to create a personal and productive workplace?
Further Visual Inspirations:
Form Development through CAD Rendering:
Behind the scenes:
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